Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708, Which is Better & Why?

Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708, Which is Better & Why?

In this blog, we will be discussing two of Dewalt’s most well-known drills: the DCD791, as well as the DCD708. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both drills in order to help you determine which is the best for your needs.

So, which one is superior? It could surprise you! Let’s get started on our Dewalt DCD791 comparison with DCD708 article.

Dewalt DCD791 is a more powerful tool when compared to the SCD708, both of which have various settings for speed as well as torque in addition to motor performance. It is also more robust, with the motor generating 460 watts with 70 Nm torque. In contrast, DCD708 is a small lightweight, light and simple-to-use drill.

Dewalt DCD791Dewalt DCD708
Weight3.4 pounds2.4 pounds
Speed0-550 / 0-2000 RPM0-450 / 0-1650 RPM
Torque70 Nm65 Nm
Size of Chuck1/2 inches1/2 inches
Clutch Settings1515
Motor460 UWO340 UWO
Battery Amp Hours2 Ah1.3 Ah

Impact drivers and cordless drills are indispensable tools when you are performing various mechanical tasks. Impact drills are commonly used to help you ease the physical work and finish the task in a more efficient and more efficient way.

The hassle of tangled wires can be eliminated if you purchase the cordless drill. DeWalt’s products have had a major impact in transforming the world of drivers and drills.

Recently, I was struck by the need for an instrument for drilling at my house and DeWalt’s products were on my the forefront of my thoughts. I researched and studied the drilling equipment made by DeWalt.

After acquiring the necessary information, I couldn’t decide between DeWalt DCD791 or DCD708. Then, in the end, chose to get both impact drills.

After they were put to different uses over the years I decided to review the HTML0 after drawing a brief and simple comparability with DeWalt DCD791 and DCD708, both of which are discussed further in this article.

Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708

In the beginning, I wasn’t certain about buying Dewalt DCD791 and DCD708, I already had both of them at home. I’m happy with both exercises since each exercise is designed with a specific purpose for satisfying.

For instance, the DeWalt DCD708 is a light as well as compact tool that was easily capable of using and holding even when using other tools. DeWalt DCD791 is certainly similar, however it’s a bit larger in size.

For woodworking-related tasks, I depended primarily upon DeWalt DCD791. For lighter-duty jobs like drilling into plastics or other similar items, I used DeWalt DCD708.

In addition, both DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 feature an electric motor that is brushless. A brushless motor will increase the effectiveness of the tool. The overall performance of impact drills increases dramatically when using brushless motors.

Once again, I discovered that DeWalt DCD791 has slightly more performance that DeWalt DCD708. However, when using the tool, I did not notice any major distinction.

Based on these dimensions DeWalt DCD791 comes with a width as well as a width and height 8.31 inches three inches in addition to 7.56 inches. However, DeWalt DCD708 comes with dimensions of 8x7x2.5 inches.

In addition DCD791 also has more powerful batteries that are 2 Ah, which is more over DeWalt DCD708, which comes with batteries that are 1.5 Ah. Both DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 are designed to meet the requirements of a drill.

If price is a concern The height of the unit will tell you it DeWalt DCD791 is a bit more expensive in cost as compared to DeWalt DCD708. If you’re on a budget choose DeWalt DCD708.

Additionally, the specific distinctions that have been made regarding DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 which will allow you to know the drills in a short time and easily.


Based on specific reasons, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 differ from each different. Here are some of the reasons for the difference between the two drills that impact. These aspects will help you in making a shrewd and sensible decision.

  • Weight: There’s an enormous difference in their weights of DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708. The DCD791 weighs 3.4 pounds while the latter weighs just 2.4 pounds. If you are looking for the weight, you will notice an enormous difference.
  • Cost: If you’re aware of the cost of the product and the cost is a crucial element for you. Therefore, I thought it more beneficial to evaluate both products based on their merits. In the end, DeWalt DCD791 retails for $108 while DeWalt DCD708 can be purchased by customers for around $100.
  • Torque- The torque produced by an instrument determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the impact drill according. While there isn’t much variation in the torque provided by both machines, DeWalt DCD791 provides a more powerful yield of around 70Nm however, DeWalt DCD708 offers 65 Nm of torque to users.
  • Speed Modes – Speed mode is one of the most important factors you , as a buyer, could think about prior to purchasing the product. While DeWalt DCD791 offers speeds as high as 2 000 rotations per minute DeWalt DCD708 will only provide an max speed of 1600 turns per minute.
  • Motor Powe Motor Powe Power is an important element on which the performance of a device is dependent. Fortunately, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are equipped with 20V motors however, the power is not the same. DCD791 is more powerful when compared to DCD 708.
  • There are a lot of LED lights. Both DeWalt DCD791 along with DeWalt DCD708 feature LED lights, however, there is a distinct difference between the numbers. For example, DeWalt DCD791 offers three high-luminating LED lights. However, DeWalt DCD708 comes with just one LED light.


DeWalt DCD791 along with DeWalt DCD708 are alike in that DeWalt produces both drills. Beyond the traditional black and yellow colors of the tools The following are the commonalities I observed among DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708.

  • Chuck Size DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 both have the same size chuck, that is, 1/2 inch. The chuck on the drills makes sure that a smooth and clean hole is made by the drill.
  • The design and the construction of both DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 have been designed ergonomically to meet the requirements of a high-quality and efficient cordless drill. The drills last for years and will not cause major issues for the user.
  • Brushless Motor- Up next, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are working on the brushless motor. A brushless motor improves the efficiency and effectiveness of drills by a substantial amount. The distinction between having a drill equipped with a brushless motor is evident in the performance in the exercise.
  • Compactness: The most user-friendly characteristic that comes with DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 is the fact that both drills are light and compact. Compact size makes it easy for users to transport the impact drivers anywhere that is possible.

Dewalt DCD791B Review

DeWalt DCD791 is designed for use as an impact drill. It is, first of all, lightweight and compact.

It is a great tool to drill wood and other tasks. Its ergonomic design adds value for the item.

Additionally but the user is able to operate DeWalt DCD791 with two different speeds with one of them being the lowest and the other being the most powerful.

For basic drilling it is possible to run the machine at 560 RPM or if you are required to do the work of a heavy duty, you can use with it in 2000 RPM.

To help you, more, DCD791 comes with three extremely illuminating LED lights that can be used in dark or dimly well-lit areas.

To increase the efficiency of the tool for drilling and to make it even better than that, the LEDs come with the option of a modified spotlight mode in which you can enjoy the 20-minute shutoff time to ensure that you don’t confront the problem of running out of battery.

In addition, DeWalt DCD791 is efficient due to its 20 V lithium-ion batteries which provide a strong performance to the device. The batteries that are extremely powerful give durability to an impact tool.

With a 70Nm torque the quality you’re able to experience when you use DeWalt DCD791 is unparalleled.

Overall the DCD791 is a device which is best used to perform light tasks, but it is sometimes used to conduct slightly more advanced research as well. At a weight of 3.4 pounds, it is simple to carry around.

We’ve created a thorough Dewalt DCD791 review, in case you’re looking to learn more about the tool then you should go through it.


The 20V Lithium-ion batteries which DeWalt DCD791 is equipped offer more durability and total security to users. It is not possible for the battery to get power out quickly, or is it vulnerable to damage or devastation.

DCD791 is an exquisitely designed tool that will help you complete your drilling tasks. For example, hanging a wall or drilling a plastic case you can utilize DeWalt DCD791 to do any of these.

In addition to it being true that DeWalt DCD791 has three LED lights to assist you to work in spaces that are tight, like godowns or engines in cars and godowns, the device gets more efficient with the addition of the spotlight mode.

The spotlight mode of the impact drilling has a 20 minute timer to shut off the drill. This allows you to stop the drill and extend the battery’s life.

DeWalt DCD791 is ahead of the pack with its feature of supporting two different speed settings. The device is perfect to work with wood, however occasionally, you may utilize it to drill holes in objects that weigh a bit.

The most important thing is that DeWalt DCD791 is an extremely compact tool. Its compact and lightweight design allows users to use the drill in any position at any moment. Even your household maid can carry and operate the drill with ease.

DeWalt DCD791 has powerful brushless motors that boost the efficiency of the drill by 57 percent. The brushless motor is responsible for creating the drill more durable one. You will experience an easy drilling experience due to this feature.



  • DeWalt DCD791 is a tool that serves the purpose as a tool for home use
  • It also has a speed trigger option.
  • The impact drill comes with three LED lights that illuminate.
  • DCD791 is more efficient thanks to the help of brushless motors.


  • DeWalt DCD791 isn’t functional as a drill with a metal head or for construction work.
  • DCD791 is sometimes prone to loose rattles. This could be a serious issue for users.

Dewalt DCD708B Review

DeWalt DCD708 is an efficient impact drill with two Lithium-ion 20V batteries. These batteries boost the effectiveness and performance of the device.

Additionally, DeWalt DCD708 has a glowing LED light that can illuminate the dark areas quickly. The LED light allows you when working in garages and other spaces that are confined.

Additionally, one of the best features in the DeWalt DCD708 is the two batteries with high-performance that ensure the drill is durable and robust.

Another benefit for users of the DCD708 from DeWalt is the fact that it has a the option of a belt clip. It not only allows you to hang the impact drill , but can also easily store it.

Apart from that, DeWalt DCD708 is a affordable option for the budget-conscious. It is offered to customers for a low cost. The motor is brushless and comes with the DeWalt DCD7

08 is a good choice for users. The 1/2 inch chuck size offered in DeWalt DCD708 is sufficient for users.

The 65Nm torque of the DeWalt DCD708 provides a fast and efficient speed while using an impact drill. Additionally, DeWalt DCD708 can be operated in two speed settings.

One is the least of the 450 rotations per minute and the most powerful is 1650 rpm.

Overall, DeWalt DCD708 is a compact and light-weight impact drill. Additionally, DCD708 comes with a charger and carrying case.


The most remarkable aspect in this DeWalt DCD708 is that the kit comes with a belt clip. The belt clip is connected to the drill to hang it and, if needed, be removed in order to keep the drill in a safe place.

As with others DeWalt items, DeWalt DCD708 comes with an LED light. The light’s LED is utilized to assist you in learning how to use the drill in tight areas. I was helped by the impact drill as I worked inside my garage.

The DCD708 can be used in two speed settings. Speed triggers are an effective option that can make the drill a multi-purpose tool. The smallest speed that the drill is capable of running is about 450 revolutions per minute. The most efficient rate offered to users is 1650 rotations per minute.

The most striking feature I love the most about DeWalt DCD708 is that , despite being light, it has an electric motor that is brushless. It has two benefits for users, one of which is simple to carry, and another is its effectiveness.

It comes with all features. DeWalt DCD708 is a recommended choice since it is inexpensive and affordable. It is an extremely durable drill at the smallest price range. This is what makes DeWalt DCD708 an extremely user-friendly.

The DeWalt DCD708 drill is a light and compact drill which makes it easy and comfortable for users to carry it wherever they go.



  • The DeWalt DCD708, users will get an adjustable belt clip that can make the tool more effective than other options.
  • It is equipped with LED lights which allows you to operate in dim and cramped space.
  • It’s a tool that is light.
  • Affordable and Portable


  • The chuck can be dysfunctional.

Which one is better? DCD791 or DCD708 and why?

My opinion is that I was able to distinguish between DeWalt DCD791 and DCD708 mostly based on cost. If you’re budget-conscious and are aware of the price of the drills I suggest you buy DeWalt DCD708.

The main difference that I can see was in the power and torque strength both drills. DeWalt DCD791 has more torque and is equipped with a stronger battery. However, with this powercomes a heavier weight. slightly higher and if you are looking for the drill to tackle tough jobs then DCD791 is the right choice for you.

However, if you’re searching for a drill to do some DIY tasks, then DCD708 could be the perfect tool for you.

Additionally, DeWalt DCD791 stays ahead of DeWalt DCD708 in that the latter is fitted with three LEDs that provide luminosity and clarity to users in dimly lit areas. Comparatively, DeWalt DCD708 has only one LED light. For some , this could pose a problem.

The size of the chuck and motor power are the same for both drills. If you are a user, you will experience an chuck size of 1 1/2 inches.

Then DeWalt DCD708 has belt clips that can be an excellent aid in hanging the drill in the right place when working using it. DeWalt DCD791 doesn’t have this feature.

Additionally, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are the two batteries with high power that is effective and long-lasting. They offer more power and greater reliability to users. This is because of the fact that both drills are good enough to use.

DeWalt DCD791 as well as DeWalt DCD708 are ergonomically designed and constructed with absolute perfection to meet the requirements of the user. Both drills are effective and satisfactory.

Finally, DeWalt DCD791 runs at more than 200 rotations per minute. In contrast, DeWalt DCD708 has a maximum speed of 1650 turns per minute.

Electric Drill Buying Guide

It isn’t easy to figure out what you want when you are looking at an electric drill. If you’re not satisfied with the mentioned products then you should consult the following buying guidelines to locate the right one that meets your needs.

In this purchasing guide we’ll guide you through the fundamentals of what to look out for when selecting an electric drill. We’ll also suggest some of our top models that are ideal for certain applications.

We’ll start with the fundamentals. There are two primary kinds of drills that are corded and cordless. Cordless drills run on batteries and are much more portable and portable, while corded drills require an AC outlet in order to work.

The next step is to determine what kind of drill you require. There are three types of drills of drills: standard, hammer and impact.

An ordinary drill can be ideal for every day tasks such as drilling holes into wood or in metal. A hammer drill was specifically designed to work with masonry materials such as concrete and bricks. It is hammering-like in its action and assists in breaking them into pieces.

The impact drill works comparable to a regular drill but it has an impact mechanism that provides greater power to drill into more tougher materials, such as steel.

After you’ve chosen the kind of drill you require, you’ll have to take into consideration the power demands. Drills are available with different power ratings which are expressed in the volts (V). The greater the voltage, the more efficient the drill is.