Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779: In-Depth Comparison & Review

Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779: In-Depth Comparison & Review

The Dewalt DWS716XPS as well as the Dewalt DWS779 make fantastic Miter Saws. But which is best for you? In this comprehensive analysis of the two saws, we’ll take an in-depth review the specifications of each saw , and then see how they are compared.

We’ll also go over the advantages and disadvantages of each saw so you can make an educated purchase.

The DWS716XPS features 14 stops that offer smooth and precise cuts, while the DWS779 only offers 10 stops. The corded DWS716XPS is light, but eleven pounds more heavy than the battery operated companion that is the DWS779.

Dewalt DWS716XPSDewalt DWS779
Bevel Angle0deg – 48deg0deg – 48deg
Speed3800 RPM3800 RPM
Arbor Diameter5/8-in and 1-in5/8-in
Saw Blade Diameter12 in12 in
Width22.5 inches17 inches
Height16.5 inches17 inches
Depth of Cut at 90deg8 in6.75 in
Lights from LEDYesNo
Capacity for absorbing dust67%75%
Weight41lbs.56 lbs.
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

If you’re seeking the flexibility of your cutting or want lighter saws The DWS716XPS is the ideal choice.

If you are looking for a tool that could provide a reliable and precise cutting of the wood at your doorstep you will be greatly helped by Miter saw.

A Miter saw comes with teeth that are perfect for cutting and shaping of all wood items. When you think of a cutting-edge tool or device, one of the very first idea that pops into your the mind is DeWalt.

DeWalt is the manufacturer of the highest amount of tools for everyday use which are designed to use at home or by technicians to achieve the highest level of precision. DeWalt is not slow in any way when it comes to introducing new tools on the market.

When I was looking in search of a Miter Saw I researched several products, but was misled with DeWalt DWS716XPS or DeWalt DWS779 one of the more exciting Miter saws manufactured by DeWalt.

I’m happy that I purchased both as they have helped me in a manner. I was thinking that for specific functions, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 could be used to assist you in making the best choice.

In the article, you’ll discover that I’ve compared the two tools, highlighting their differences and similarities.

When you finish you will be presented with an extensive review of both instruments, along with full details of the functions and pros and cons DeWalt DWS716XPS in comparison to DWS779.

At the conclusion, I’ve stated which one is the best for users and which tool will guarantee a longer-term and more effective experience for you.

Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779

It’s been almost one year since I’ve started making use of the two miter saws produced by DeWalt. The DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779.

It was not that difficult to find any troublesome issues that I encountered using both tools however I did get an understanding about the reality that tools are in some way distinct from each other.

In the end I’ve decided to present an analysis of the DeWalt DWS716XPS and. DeWalt DWS779.

In the first place, the dimensions of the miter saws are different. While one saw is small but the other one isn’t! In light of that DeWalt DWS716XPS is a size in the range of 12×22.5×16.5 inches.

However DeWalt DWS779 is able to support the length, width and height , which is between 21 in as well as 17 inches.

When you use DeWalt DWS779, you’re guaranteed a cleaner experience with regard to the mess and dust that is caused by the environment. It’s because DeWalt DWS779 is able to absorb 75% dust absorption capacity when compared to DeWalt DWS716XPS which only takes up 67% of dirt and dust.

Furthermore, DeWalt DWS779 weighs higher than you anticipate and expect when using DeWalt DWS716XPS. Furthermore, DeWalt DWS779 lags because it operates through wires, which can cause an issue when it comes to storage and storing it in a secure place.

Fortunately, DeWalt DWS716XPS works on high-performance Lithium-ion batteries that don’t cause any issues to the user’s.

After having utilized both miter saws for a long enough time, I discovered that there are other differences that could be identified between DeWalt DWS716XPS and. DeWalt DWS779. I’ve listed them clearly and in a detailed manner in the following.


Since DeWalt produces the majority of mechanical tools, there’s not a surprise that the tools might be similar or different in terms of production, function and capabilities. Here are the similarities that I found among DeWalt DWS716XPS in comparison to DWS779.

  • bar length. most important aspect that buyers look on when buying the Miter saw or other similar tool is the bar length the device can support. The longer length of the tool makes it more efficient and precise in its operation.

In this case, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 are both equipped with the identical Bar length, 12 inches. Bar length is a benefit for the device.

  • Speed The speed or the torque at which the Miter saw turns indicates the precision of the tool. Cleaner, more precise seamless cutting can be achieved when the device has the speed you need.

That’s the case for each DeWalt DWS716XPS along with DeWalt DWS779. Both miter saws work at 3800 revolutions per minute.

  • Built to last: Both DeWalt DWS716XPS as well as DeWalt DWS779 come with an ergonomic design. They are durable and will not last for long. They’re an investment that’s only for you. There is no hassle of needing to pay for them repeatedly on these devices.
  • Performance: DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 are both efficient in the services they offer to users. Both of the devices are strong and extremely powerful. Both devices are friendly alternatives for the user.
  • Dual-Bevel Dual-Bevel: The most impressive feature I have encountered with the DeWalt DWS716XPS along with DeWalt DWS779 is the fact that both tools have dual bevels.

The range of angles is from 0 degrees from 0 degrees to up to 48°, you are able to tilt it to any angle to either side. It offers a lot of convenience for users.


When I was using the two miter saws made by DeWalt I was able to discover they DeWalt DWS716XPS as well as DeWalt DWS779 are different in particular aspects that can serve as the perfect foundation for your final decision-making. Therefore, I am bringing these saws to your attention.

  • Weight: I like lightweight tools to heavyweight ones. Tools that are lightweight allow you to move them from one location to another easily and without hassle.

Therefore, I chose to let you know the weight difference between the two tools. The DWS716XPS is heavier at 49 pounds while the DWS779 is 56 pounds. DWS716XPS weighs less than DWS779.

  • Cost: The cost of these tools is determined according to the number of features it receives. Sometimes, you may enjoy top-quality features for the cost of a small amount. For instance, DeWalt DWS716XPS will cost you $379, while DeWalt DWS779 costs $399.
  • The LED lights (XPS technology) in a minimal price, DWS716XPS offers you better-enhanced features over DWS779. The latter comes with a specific LED light that casts shadows over the woodworking space to allow you to work with total precision.
  • User-Friendliness Its LED lights creates DWS716XPS an extremely easy tool to operate for the individual. The accuracy with which it is completed because LED lights provide high-quality performance to the device.
  • Dust Collection: This is the biggest and most significant distinction in DWS716XPS in comparison to DWS779. DWS716XPS is able to collect only 2/3 (67 percent) of the dust. DWS779 can collect as much as 75 percent of dust. This makes it a tool a worthy choice.
  • Power Source: Additionally, DWS716XPS and DWS779 lie in a different place in regards to the power sources they use. As user, I have noticed an important difference in this regard.

Whereas DWS716XPS is powered by Lithium-ion batteries, which provide long-term endurance for the tool. DWS779 can be described as a device operating with an electrical cord.

Dewalt DWS716XPS Review

DeWalt DWS716XPS is an instrument that can greatly assist you with clean and efficient wood cutting. With wider legs and precision angles, a precise cut is cut on wood, without causing any mess.

The length of the blade is 12 inches with 80 teeth contributes to making Miter Saw a secure choice for users.

With its meticulously designed design, it runs smoothly and effortlessly. Miter saws are an extremely secure and safe tool to use by any person easily. It’s very user-friendly and is made by DeWalt and the client is satisfied with the miter saw.

A powerful 15-ampere motor that is fast and efficient guarantees that the battery will not run out of juice The tool is robust and more efficient.

Additionally that speed of 3800 turns per minute delivers a blazing performance, allowing you to save a considerable amount of energy and time!

It may be problematic when using the DeWalt DWS716XPS in tight spaces since it only absorbs 2/3 of the dust.

It can cause issues with visibility and you may not be able to have a perfect outcome. DeWalt DWS716XPS features an innovative double bevel design that allows you to operate at any angle ranging from zero to 48 degrees from either side.

One of the most impressive and exciting features that is a highlight of DeWalt DWS716XPS is its LED light that is included with Miter Saw. The LED light plays significant roles in the efficient operation Miter Saw.

The LED light shines across both edges of the blades, creating an outline of the edge within the region where the work is to be completed.

The more dark the shadow becomes it’s more accurate the angle of cutting is. This is the reason why the miter saw a highly efficient one.


The most remarkable aspect I encountered when using the DeWalt DWS716XPS is the dual bevel layout. Its design in this manner, you can cut at an angle of between 0 and 48 degrees from each side of the miter.

The tool operates at a blazingly fast speed of 3800 revolutions per minute. This speed gives you the needed efficiency and precision in the woodcutting process. Furthermore, with sufficient speed, the tool will become solid and reliable.

The DWS716XPS was specifically designed to eliminate the hassle and mess that is encountered by users trying to cut pieces of wood in a precise manner. The blade of the tool can be divided into 80 different teeth to guarantee a precise cutting from each point.

The tool runs on an Lithium-ion battery. The battery is long-lasting however, it also offers an impressive performance for this miter saw. Your tasks will be completed in a timely manner and easy thanks to these batteries.

DeWalt DWS716XPS is a suitable blade size of twelve inches. With a blade length of 12 inches I was certain of making a precise cut in the wood with no hassle or discomfort of getting injured myself.

DeWalt DWS716XPS comes with a superb miter detent plate that offers the highest precision and accuracy when cutting and chopping any kind of wood.

Miter Detent Plate has 14 stops positive that provide reproducible efficiency to the tool.



  • Double bevel design improves the efficiency and accuracy that the device can reach an unbeatable level.
  • The presence of the 80 teeth cuts every single bit of wood with the highest of precision.
  • Modern LED lighting adds a touch of class and efficiency to the miter saw.
  • The remarkable speed of DWS716XPS makes this tool extremely durable.


  • It is only available with the capacity to soak up about 2/3 of the dust that is generated during cutting the wood. This could cause a dusty area.

Dewalt DWS779 Review

With DeWalt DWS779 it is not necessary to go through the hassle of making the tool work as it arrives. It is fully set with all the tools you need. All you have to do is to use it immediately.

DeWalt DWS779 can be described as a large miter saw that will require enough energy to move to different locations. Therefore, it is suggested to use the aid of a stand or something similar to it. DeWalt DWS779 is a remarkably versatile tool.

It can be operated according to your needs and be assured of getting the highest quality output in a short time. Also, you’ll be able to access different angles when working with the device.

Whatever type of piece of wood is going to be cut it will be accomplished with ease by using the DeWalt DWS779.

Cut with various angles, the miter saw a durable and flexible tool. Another benefit of the saw is its dust-absorbing 75% power that doesn’t create any mess in less spacious areas. This makes it an easy to use device.

Additionally, the tool itself is strong and durable. It will not be destroyed or end up dying in the near future. After purchase the item, it will be able to help you to last for longer durations.

Overall, the program is free of any problems for users. The only downside is the fact that it is wired. It is difficult to operate the tool in this kind of situation. In addition the device is secure and extremely functional.


DeWalt DWS779 comes with an integrated dust bag on top of the. The dust bag helps prevent the dust that is created to make it difficult to work.

The device absorbs around 75% of dust and dirt created while you work. It makes it easier to complete your job at an acceptable degree.

DeWalt DWS779 is an efficient and useful device that is able to provide users with a satisfying speed of 3800 turns per minute.

In this manner cuts and piercing processes within the wood is smooth and clear. An excellent result is observed by the person using the machine.

DeWalt DWS779 can be described as a durable and durable tool. It’s durable and can work perfectly for extended time periods.

It is not necessary to worry about any major problems while using with the mitersaw. The only issue is that the tool is extremely heavy. In other words the operation of the tool is flawless.

As with other Mitersaws from DeWalt DWS779 also has the double bevel feature.

This means that you are able to turn the tool in any direction from zero to 48 degrees from both sides and make sure that it creates an exact cut through the wood. This is probably the most attractive attribute of the mitersaw.



  • Miter plate made of stainless steel that comes with ten stoppers which allow you to work efficiently and comfortably for extended hours.
  • Dual bevel technology, which means that it is able to be inclined between 0 and 48 degrees from both the to the left or right side of the device.
  • The ability to absorb 75 percent of dust.


  • It isn’t a cordless device and is not transportable
  • It’s not completely brushless and it produces lots of noise.
  • Very heavy to be used easily to the individual using.

Which one is better? DWS716XPS or DWS779 and why?

After having used DeWalt DWS716XPS as well as DeWalt DWS779 I am confidently realized the DeWalt DWS716XPS will be more effective, flexible and more powerful instrument than DeWalt DWS779 due to the reasons I figured out with both of the devices.

One thing that could cause some users to be irritated is that , while DWS716XPS is a extremely functional lithium-ion batteries, DWS779 is a device that operates with electrical wires.

Therefore, it becomes challenging for the user to carry DWS779 however, DWS716XPS can be carried around as a mobile tool.

Also, in terms of price, DeWalt DWS716XPS remains ahead of DWS779. Even with sophisticated and incredibly exclusive features, the price you will have to be paying for DWS716XPS is lower than the price you shell out for DWS779.

Furthermore, the biggest and notable feature I observed among DWS716XPS in comparison to DWS779 can be that the first is equipped with an LED light source which can aid in cutting the wood with absolute precision. Unfortunately, the latter model is not equipped with this feature.

Additionally, the miter detent plate included in DWS716XPS has 14 stops that provide an even and smooth output. As a comparison, DWS779 only offers 10 of these stops as a tool.

For those who are interested in the technical aspect, it might be a major factor in picking one over another.

When it comes to speed there was no difference I noticed with the DeWalt DWS716XPS as well as the DWS779. Miter Saw Miter Saw provides the user with 3800 milliseconds of rotation. The saw operates with ease at adequate speed.

The most important thing to be uncovered is the mess both tools cause when working on them.

DWS716XPS offers 67% efficiency in regards to absorption of dust. In contrast DWS779 can absorb capacity that is as high as 75 percent. In this respect, DeWalt DWS779 is better.

Overall I discovered DWS716XPS improved and more laid out as compared to DWS779.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How can I tell the differences between DWS716XPS and?There are some distinctions between the DWS779 and DWS716XPS the main distinction between the two saws is that the DWS716XPS an instrument that runs with a long-lasting and reliable lithium-ion battery.However, it runs on an electrical cable. Additionally, it is expensive and out of budget device. Additionally, DWS716XPS comes with a luminous and useful LED light that can aid in your work.
  • What exactly is XPS technology? It is a feature of the The DeWalt Miter saw?The XPS technology is notable for the inclusion of a glowing LED light when using the device. The LED light helps in providing a shadow at any angle you want from each side.If the shadow that is visible becomes deeper, it becomes easy for a person to mark these angles as well as points cut the wood according to the marks.
  • Does the DeWalt DWS779 comes with blade?The answer is yes, DeWalt offers users a blade when you purchase DWS779. The typical blade that you will receive when you purchase DWS779 would be DW3126 60T. If not is the case, you’ll be given an alternative blade. However, you will receive an exact blade!


You may have been obvious to you which one among the miter saws lives in line with your expectations and can be an important and reliable device for the user.

In terms of technical or the versatility of their products, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 have satiated me for a long time and I hope that they continue to satisfy me soon.

I discovered that I discovered that the DeWalt DWS716XPS is more feature-rich that those of the DeWalt DWS779. I recommend that you opt for the DeWalt DWS716XPS. It’s both effective and cost-effective.

As for the rest, based on your needs, you are able to at any time choose the best miter saw.

Milter Saw Buying Guide

Saws are among the most crucial tools you can have for your workshop, so you must be cautious in selecting the right one. If you aren’t happy with any milter saw in the above DWS716XPS comparison with the DWS779 comparison, you could make use of the following buying guidelines.

We’ll discuss the size of the blade and teeth motor power blade adjustments as well as safety features and much more!

In the world of saws there are three main types: circular saws miter saws as well as table saws. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Circular saws are the most popular kind of saw. They are light and easy to use, which makes them a perfect option for carpenters and DIYers.

They’re also inexpensive. However circular saws may not be as precise as miter-saws and can be difficult to use for precise cuts.

Miter saws are extremely precise and perfect for cutting precise lines. They also have a wide range of applications that allows you to make crosscuts as well as miter cuts. Miter saws cost more than circular saws, as they are more heavy and difficult to move.

Table saws have the highest power form of saw. They are great for ripping wood and making other massive cuts. Table saws, however, cost a lot and require plenty of space for operation.

When you are choosing a saw, there are many factors must be considered:

  • Size of the blade and its teeth The blade’s size and the amount of teeth it contains can affect the kind of cuts it will create. A blade that has more teeth will give more precise cuts, whereas those with less teeth can cut through more dense materials.
  • The motor’s power. motor’s power will determine how strong your saw will be. If you are planning to use your saw to tackle large-scale projects then you’ll need the right saw with a powerful motor.
  • A reshape of the blade capability to adjust the blade’s angle and depth allows you to cut with precision. Choose a saw which is adjustable and easy to operate.
  • Safety features include safety features like anti-kickback pawls , guards and pawls can help to prevent accidents from occurring. Be sure that the saw you choose comes with these safety features place.

You now know the factors to take into consideration when choosing the right saw, let’s have a review some of the most effective saws currently available.