KVCore’s 2023 Pricing and Plans: What to Expect?

Introduction to kvCORE

Introducing kvCORE, the all-in-one real estate platform for modern brokerages. Built to empower teams and agents to scale and grow faster, kvCORE provides everything you need to capture leads, communicate with clients, and manage your entire business. With its integrated IDX, kvCORE brings more convenience and cost savings than competitors who charge up to $50 per website. With three different pricing plans to choose from, you can find the perfect plan to meet your needs without sacrificing features or functionality. Discover the power of kvCORE today and take your business to the next level.

Benefits and Disadvantages of kvCORE

When considering the benefits and disadvantages of kvCORE, it is important to note that this comprehensive real estate platform offers a wide range of features and tools. Its single license subscription is very affordable, making it the cheapest all-in-one platform in the market. It provides users with the ability to generate organic leads that are automatically funneled into their CRM, along with the ability to create custom landing pages for campaigns. It also offers 98% client engagement, helping with seamless communication and follow up with clients. However, some users have noted that the videos can be a bit too technical and hard to follow. Ultimately, kvCORE is an amazing all-in-one platform for real estate that brings tremendous value to businesses by providing them with the tools and features they need to succeed.

kvCORE Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing plans, kvCORE offers three different options to choose from. The Starter Plan is perfect for individual agents or small teams, and starts at $299 per month. The Professional Plan is designed for larger teams and brokerages, and can cost up to $1,800 per month. Lastly, the Enterprise Plan is tailored to enterprise-level organizations and offers a comprehensive suite of features for an annual cost of $9000. All plans offer a variety of features, such as CRM integration, automated lead capture and follow-up, and marketing automation. With these plans, brokerages can save on costs by eliminating dozens of disjointed point solutions.

Overview of kvCORE Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing, kvCORE offers a range of plans to suit your business’s needs. Their pricing plans start at $299/mo for one user and go up to $1199/mo for 50 users, 50,000 contacts, and unlimited offices. There’s even a free version available for solo agents. With kvCORE, you’ll get access to features such as CRM, contact management, transaction management, and marketing automation. Plus, you’ll be able to increase your brokerage profitability by eliminating dozens of disjointed point solutions. Compare kvCORE prices with other software in the real estate industry and see how they stack up.

kvCORE Starter Plan

The kvCORE Starter plan is perfect for those just starting out in the real estate business. This plan offers a cost-effective way to get up and running quickly with the basic features of kvCORE. The plan includes five hours of tech support, 1,000 contacts, and access to all the essential features like custom lead capture forms, listing management, and email marketing. It also includes access to powerful marketing tools like automated drip campaigns and personalized website pages. With the kvCORE Starter Plan, agents can create a powerful online presence and start building their business without breaking the bank.

kvCORE Professional Plan

The kvCORE Professional Plan is a great option for mid-sized teams and brokerages. It offers all the same features as the Starter Plan, while also adding an office website, 50 users, and 50,000 contacts. It also comes with an advanced lead management system, advanced automation capabilities, and a comprehensive CRM. This plan is perfect for teams that need a powerful platform to manage their contacts, leads, and customers. With these features and more, the Professional Plan can help you maximize your productivity and increase your profits.

kvCORE Enterprise Plan

The kvCORE Enterprise plan is the ultimate package for real estate agencies, professionals, and companies looking for a reliable and comprehensive real estate layout planning solution. This plan offers unlimited contacts, unlimited marketing budget, and more advanced features such as agent/team collaboration and reporting. It also includes IDX connectivity, integrated email marketing, document storage, and access to third-party integrations. With its competitive pricing, the kvCORE Enterprise plan is a great option for those who need a comprehensive platform for their business.

Comparing kvCORE Pricing Plans

Comparing kvCORE pricing plans is an essential step for any user looking for the most cost-effective way of using the software. By understanding each plan’s features and costs, users can make an informed decision about which plan is best for them. kvCORE offers three different plans: the Starter Plan, Professional Plan, and Enterprise Plan. The Starter Plan is best suited for smaller teams or individual agents and provides access to basic features such as contact management and email marketing. The Professional Plan includes additional features like advanced lead management and automated workflows, making it ideal for larger teams or brokerages. Lastly, the Enterprise Plan offers additional advanced features like custom integrations and team collaboration capabilities. By looking at each of these plans in detail, users can decide which one best fits their needs and budget.

What is kvCORE?

kvCORE is a cloud-based, all-in-one platform designed for the real estate industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help brokers, teams and agents to better manage relationships, lead generation, web and IDX services, marketing automation, and more. It also comes with beautiful analytics and reporting capabilities that can help users to consolidate costs and drive profitability. kvCORE is ranked #1 by over 250K agents and its subscription plans are tailored to meet the needs of every size business. With kvCORE, users can gain access to powerful features such as customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, web and IDX services, marketing automation, and more.

Consolidate Costs & Drive Profitability

kvCORE is an industry-leading real estate platform designed to help brokers, agents, and teams consolidate costs and drive profitability. With advanced lead generation and sales automation tools, kvCORE helps agents and teams capture more leads, convert them faster, and nurture them into clients. With kvCORE’s comprehensive suite of tools, brokers can reduce their costs of operations by streamlining processes, improving communication between team members, and leveraging data-driven insights to make smarter decisions. kvCORE also helps teams take advantage of ancillary services such as coaching and training programs to further increase profitability. With its cutting-edge technology, kvCORE is the ideal platform for real estate professionals looking to maximize their success.

Review of kvCORE Software

kvCORE is an all-in-one real estate technology platform designed to help brokers and agents increase efficiency and streamline operations. By leveraging the comprehensive system and its robust features, users can maximize their productivity and profitability. With its cutting-edge lead engine, social media marketing tools, listings management, and backoffice functionality, kvCORE provides users with a simple and intuitive way to manage their business. Additionally, kvCORE is API-ready for easy integration with other applications. Read reviews from other software buyers about kvCORE to learn more about the software’s features, benefits, and pricing plans.


Comparison of kvCORE to Competitors

When comparing kvCORE to its competitors, it’s clear that the software offers a great deal of value. With a capture rate up to 15%, kvCORE offers significantly more bang for your buck than the average 5% offered by other CRM solutions. Additionally, kvCORE’s pricing plans are competitive and can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. The Starter Plan is perfect for small businesses, while the Professional and Enterprise Plans offer more features for larger companies. With a variety of features including leads management, team collaboration, and automated marketing tools, kvCORE has everything you need to manage your customer relationships effectively.

Features Offered By kvCORE

kvCORE offers a variety of features to help real estate agents boost their business. It provides lead generation tools such as hyper-local area pages and home valuation pages, as well as intelligent behavior tracking that helps capture leads. Agents can also make use of the platform’s integrated CRM to organize and manage contacts. The platform also offers over 20 different lead generation tools to help agents build their pipeline and have better conversations with contacts. There are also marketing automation tools to help agents maximize their lead conversion rate. Additionally, kvCORE has a powerful search experience that provides a portal-like consumer search experience. All these features are designed to help agents make the most of their real estate business.

Pros and Cons of kvCORE

The Pros and Cons of kvCORE need to be weighed carefully when considering this real estate platform. On the plus side, kvCORE offers an all-in-one platform for real estate agents, with a robust lead generation system, interactive website, and automated lead follow up. It is also reasonably priced, with the starter plan costing $299 per month. The downside is that the search functionality and technical glitches need improvement, and it takes time to learn how to use the system to its full potential. Despite this, kvCORE remains one of the most popular real estate platforms on the market.


2023 is sure to be an interesting year for kvCORE pricing and plans. Currently, kvCORE has two different plans available, the Core Plan and the Pro Plan. The Core Plan is priced at $499/year and includes access to the kvCORE software, onboarding assistance, and customer support. The Pro Plan is priced at $999/year and includes access to the kvCORE software, onboarding assistance, customer support, and 1-on-1 training.

Both plans offer free 90-day trials and neither plan offers any free services.

In terms of complexity, kvCORE is considered more difficult to use than RealtyJuggler, with a slower speed of operation. This is due to its tightly integrated customer facing website and backend Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

For technical support, phone support is available with both plans.

In terms of customization, kvCORE does not offer complimentary design services but RealtyJuggler does.

When it comes to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), kvCORE does not have an entry while RealtyJuggler does.

We can expect that kvCORE will continue to offer its two plans in 2023, however, it is possible that more features may be added or that the pricing may change.

Are you looking for an easy to use and affordable CRM solution? KvCore is a great option for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at KvCore pricing plans so that you can make an informed decision about which plan suits your needs best.

In conclusion, kvCORE is an excellent choice for real estate brokerages and teams looking for an all-in-one marketing solution. With a variety of pricing plans to choose from, users can select the right plan according to their needs. The Starter Plan is perfect for individuals and small teams looking to get started with kvCORE, while the Professional and Enterprise plans are designed for larger brokerages with more advanced needs. kvCORE also offers a wide range of features that make it easy to capture leads, manage contacts, automate follow-ups and more. With its cost-effective pricing, kvCORE is the perfect real estate marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.