Milwaukee 2803-20 vs 2804-20, Detailed Comparison

Milwaukee 2803-20 vs 2804-20, Detailed Comparison

We all know how important a drill is for professional contractors like me. After a long struggle with my drill that was corded and reaching its limit I made the decision to shop for a new drill to meet my needs.

After doing lots researching, I honed on Milwaukee 2803-20 and the 2804-20. Then I wondered about the differences are with regard to Milwaukee 2803-20 as well as Milwaukee 2804-20?

The Milwaukee 2803-20 is a regular drill driver whereas 2804-20 is an hammer drill driver, which makes 2803-20 lighter than 2804-20 but still has the same torque, power in addition to the same dimensions.

Here’s a listing of technical specs for each of these products for those who might like to learn more about the details immediately.

Milwaukee 2803-20Milwaukee 2804-20
Drilling mechanismNormal drillHammer drill
Weight2.02 lbs5 lbs
Clutch settings1414
Length of the tool6.9″6.9″
Maximum torque1,200 in-lbs1,200 in-lbs
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

If you’re interested to learn more about the distinctions between these two models, follow along as I discuss the differences in depth. I will also highlight the similarities between these two to give you an understanding of the two drills made by Milwaukee.

In the following section I’ll go over these two products in detail in light of my experience using these products. This will allow you to understand the features that were successful for me, and the actual hits and misses of these two exercises.

Stay tuned for the end in which I’ll reveal the program I personally liked. I’ve also added the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the final section to help you understand more regarding these tools that a lot of people use.

Milwaukee 2803-20 vs 2804-20

Milwaukee is among the most respected makers of power tools and cordless tools. Since 2016 Milwaukee has been selling the highest number of power tools that are cordless across North America thanks to their endurance and efficiency.

The company has a broad collection of cordless tools that can be used for a variety of uses. Their most well-known tools includes the Milwaukee 2803-20 drilling drivers, that offers a fantastic mix of efficiency and value. It quickly became one the most sought-after models for DIY users and professional handymen too.

They also introduced the Milwaukee 2804-20 driver for hammer drills, with an important difference in how the tool functioned. It was designed to appeal to a distinct market with a different set of specifications.

In the next part I will go into detail on the major distinctions between 2803-20 and 2804-20. This is followed by the similarities, since these two tools made by Milwaukee are quite similar in terms of design.


The primary difference between Milwaukee 2803-20 and 2804-20 lies in the internal mechanism for drilling. 2803-20 has an ordinary drill driver, whereas 2804-20 is equipped with another hammer drill system that is provided from the maker.

In a typical drill the bit rotates around a fixed axis, in the form of a circular motion. This is the easiest mechanism that is typically found in all drills on the market in the present.

This method is perfect for drilling into soft surfaces like woodbecause the force helps minimize damage to these materials while still ensuring accuracy and precision.

For hammer drills another hammer mode is available. It combines the rotational movement of the bit and an angular motion that chip the material.

This can be very beneficial for concrete and bricks, since it speeds up removal of the material.

2803-20 is more suitable for use that require the primary material is wood. However 2804-20 is more suitable for cases like construction which work with more durable materials regularly.

The 2804-20 is also a more versatile model , as it is able to do everything that the 2803-20 is capable of and more.

A major distinction between these 2 models lies in the size of drills. 2803-20 is significantly lighter since it doesn’t have the hammer drill system of 2804-20.

It weighs only 2.2 pounds compared to the weight of 5 pounds of 2804-20. This results in more vibrations since there is less mass to absorb it.

The biggest difference one could expect from the Milwaukee 2803-20 and 2804-20 is in the price. 2804-20 is basically 2803-20 that has the hammer drill. This implies that it’s more expensive.


As I stated in the last section, 2804-20 is the exact model as 2803-20 but with another hammer drilling feature that is included. This is evident from the fact that the two tools have the same dimensions.

Both of these drills made by Milwaukee are powered by similar battery technology and are powered by the batteries of the M18 series. Both are equipped with the REDLITHIUM(tm) XC5.0 battery pack, which ensures a better performance and longer output.

Both of devices are powered by the same motor, which gives the same output of 1,200 in-lbs . It also has the identical number of settings for the clutch (14). Additionally, they have the same ergonomics, which provide plenty of user-friendliness and comfort.

Additional features the same to both models 2903-20 and 2804-20 models include the LED light that is placed at the bottom of the shoe, redlink PLUS integration to safeguard the tool, as well as accessories such as a belt clip holders, side handles, as well as a bit holder.

In the next part of the Milwaukee 2803-20 vs I will go over these two tools separately from the perspective of an owner.

This will provide you with more information about these models made by Milwaukee to help you determine what model is best for you.

Milwaukee 2803-20 Review

Milwaukee Tools released the 2803-20 drill as part of the premium M18 FUEL tool range. This drill that is cordless promises its clients the ideal blend of performance and power while making sure they didn’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of cash.

Although the car was impressive in terms of performance however, it also offered several helpful options and accessories that enhanced the user experience an enjoyable experience.

This is what made it among the top loved drills with amateurs and professionals alike.

Follow me to learn more about certain aspects that stood out to me when I had the Milwaukee 2803-20 drill.


One of the features I was searching to find in the new machine was smaller footprint. I wanted something that could fit into places that were tight without hindering my capability to perform my work. The Milwaukee 2803-20 was able to do exactly that, thanks to its 6.9″ length of the tool.

The tools appeared great right from the moment they were opened, thanks to their vibrant red color scheme as well as graphic. It felt better in my hands because the weight was lighter when compared to other cordless drills I’ve held previously.

The device was easy to hold due its large grip that gave me plenty of space in which to wrap my arms around the device.

It’s now widely known that major tool makers have begun introducing unidirectional batteries for cordless devices. M18 FUEL M18 FUEL was one the first models launched, and it also offers outstanding performance and longevity.

I was very pleased to find to find that the tool came with a battery when I purchased it. It also let me switch the battery to the batteries included in other cordless tools made by Milwaukee.

In terms of performance, the time it took to run was impressive and lasted for much longer than I required. It also charged fast and allowed me to rely on two batteries to finish the task when I’m working on sites that have irregular power.

One of the main reasons I like cordless tools is because it allows me to go out on the road using personal tools. When I purchased the Milwaukee 2803-20 tool, I was confident that I could not reduce performance because of its strong brushless motor.

The device was capable of handling applications that required a lot of force as needed, with its powerful torque output within a compact size, which makes it more effective.

However, I believe the company could’ve done more to lessen the vibrations because it could have had an impact on precision when using the tool by itself.

I also noticed that the design for the device was robust, which allowed it to withstand falls, without causing damage to the internal mechanisms. This was life-saving on a number of occasions.



  • The LED’s placement on the battery holders helps to minimize shadows on the work surface
  • Work well in harsh weather conditions, without getting caught.
  • Powerful and powerful to handle heavy-duty tasks
  • A great value proposition for those with a tight budget


  • The trigger is at risk of being stuck.
  • The plastic that is flimsy under the trigger area could be warped easily
  • Vibrations may be felt to be a little too over

Milwaukee 2804-20 Review

After the huge success of 2803-20 Milwaukee Tools won over a large number of customers, both new or old. In the same period they released 2804-20which had the hammer drill inside the drill.

This was in order to satisfy the specific needs of drilling into tougher materials.

The most intriguing aspects of this tool is how similar it appears and is to 2803-20. I was very pleased to see to see that its dimensions weren’t altered, which made it much more practical for those circumstances where space was at an all-time low.

While 2804-20 is a version with the same features with 2803-20, there are two important features I found greater than the others and was a bit different from 2803-20.


There is no reason to purchase the tool to perform a specific task. When I purchased 2804-20 at Milwaukee Tools, I was hoping to utilize it to drill through various surfaces as needed.

Thankfully the tool I used let me do exactly this using the Hammer Drill mechanism.

I was very pleased with the ease with which the machine was able to drill into concrete. It was able to complete the task quickly, which allowed me to drill multiple holes at the same time.

Another thing I want to be aware of is the resistance to temperature that this tool offers. It could be used in frigid winter temperatures or in a hot summer day and I saw zero performance loss whatsoever.

The Milwaukee 2804-20 includes an attached belt clip that allows you to connect it to the belt. This will save you lots of time switching between different tools at work sites.

It also helps prevent accidental injury to the tool from falling onto its surface or dropping it when being required to keep it somewhere else.

It also has an extra handle to allow users to stabilize the tool as you drill through more difficult materials. But, it’s fixed and doesn’t rotate and would be a nice feature to include.

This feature is extremely helpful for those with little experience with power tools, such as drills.

Continuously pressing the trigger can cause overheating and could result in internal damages to fragile components contained within.

By using the REDLINK PLUS sensors, it will ensure that the tool functions efficiently without overloading the motor or battery. This improves the security of the device, and also ensures the length of its life over the long term.



  • It can withstand continuous drilling heavy-duty without difficulty
  • The compact design allows for use in tight spaces , and provides better accessibility
  • Compatibility with M18 battery and tools to provide greater flexibility
  • Improved side handle for better grip


  • Very quickly gets heated.
  • It is heavier in comparison to other tools
  • It requires an adapter 220V
  • Chuck may be troublesome to adjust