How to use a heat gun safely? User guide

The heat gun works by electric power and can issue potent heat through a professional heat gun that reaches temperatures ranging from 300 to 650 degrees centigrade.

This utensil has a characteristic tapered shape, distinguished by its rear part through which to suck in the air, which is then heated inside and fired from the opposite side.


It is widely used in various operations related to construction and DIY, for example:

  • Stripping of surfaces: this tool is very useful for scraping paint from walls, doors, wooden surfaces, steel and many other materials with less effort,
  • Shrink heat shrink tubing,
  • Soften acrylic plastics,
  • Defrost pipes and locks,
  • Quickly dry a surface that has been previously treated with glue, paint or other substances of this type,
  • Detach objects attached,
  • Bend metal or plastic pipes,
  • model objects,
  • Shape the plexiglass, which by its nature is difficult to shape, but obviously, this problem is solved thanks to the temperatures that the heat gun can reach,
  • Unstick carpeting and adhesives,
  • Remove moisture from electronic components and electrical circuits,
  • Unscrew rusty screws,
  • defrost pipes,
  • heat small surfaces,
  • shrink items,
  • light the barbecue charcoal,
  • Dry the plaster and then move on to painting and varnishing,
  • Fix dents on plastic bumpers.

The professional heat gun is often underestimated because it is an accessory considered useful only on a few occasions, as we have seen; however, this is not the case, but it can prove decisive in many cases.

How to use a heat gun safely?

This tool can be used not only by professionals but also by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. However, it is important to avoid accidents as much as possible and to do this; it is essential to rely on leading brands in the sector because they are producers of high-quality, performing and safe tools.

The latest technological innovations have led some manufacturing companies to develop systems in their heat guns that automatically detect the internal temperature of the power tool. In excessive overheating, they intervene by blocking the creation of heat while still guaranteeing the airflow, thus returning each component to its correct temperature. To further safeguard the safety, fuses may also prevent short circuits, guaranteeing long-lasting use.

It is a very versatile and simple-to-use accessory. However, it is important to treat this tool with caution because the heat is very high, even if it is often compared to a common hairdryer; in reality, it is not the case. To work in safety, you must first equip yourself with suitable and preferably synthetic clothing that protects the parts of the body most exposed to possible risks, including gloves, protective goggles and possibly even headphones for those who prefer. However, the heat gun is not particularly noisy.

When working with this tool, it must be done away from sources subject to flammability, for example, oily substances, because in this case, there is a high probability that a fire will be accidentally started, and the damage to people and things can be incalculable, incur even very serious burns. Therefore, although the gun is very useful in various situations because it solves many small problems by saving time and effort, it is important to use it consciously as it is potentially very dangerous. Hence, you need to pay particular attention when handling it, especially if there are children in the area.

This rule also applies if you think it is a powered tool. This tool does not require particular maintenance; the only precautions to adopt are those highlighted so far, which constitute correct use. Before using it, you must also check that the thermal pickler is intact in all its parts and check the power cable and all the other parts to check that everything is hooked up correctly. Finally, it is advisable to work with this accessory in well-ventilated areas and aim it only at the objects to be treated and not near other people so as not to cause damage.


The heat gun is one of the most valid and useful tools you can own, both for those who are experts or DIY enthusiasts and for the less practical. It is a useful, functional, practical, efficient and not-too-expensive accessory; furthermore, being of a multipurpose nature, it is truly ideal for many different operations.

The choice of brand is indifferent; the important thing is that it is a leading brand in the sector and, therefore, guarantees reliability, quality, and above all, greater safety which is the most important aspect. Depending on the intended use, there are heat guns with different characteristics, and it is possible to find very good products at low prices.