Advice For Buying A Property That Is Right As An Investment

Buying a property today can be a good investment because the demand for homes for rent for short and long periods remains high both in large cities and in holiday resorts.

Here’s how to choose the right property as an investment.

How to choose the right property to invest in

To choose the perfect property to make income, it is necessary to evaluate some critical factors such as where it is located, the type of property and whether it is attractive for the target to which the property is to be leased.

The property can be used for the following:

  • Holiday home. In this case, it will be necessary to invest in a house, generally a two-room apartment, located in a tourist location, by the sea or in the mountains or the countryside. The choice of the property must take into account the belvedere, the position in a safe place, preferably in a pedestrian area, possibly in a well-connected street with a wide range of services, public transport and bar and restaurant services.
  • Student House. In this case, choosing a larger property to rent per room is possible. Preferential is the location near the university premises, cycle paths or public transport services. The most requested homes are made up of large rooms, with good natural lighting and suitable for study.
  • Housing for off-site workers. There is a high demand for apartments to rent for short or medium periods from those who travel for work. Especially in big cities, investing in one-room and two-room apartments to rent to off-site workers can be an excellent investment. In this case, focus on the location; the property must be in a safe neighbourhood with a good range of services and public transport that allows travel to the city centre.
  • Residential real estate for families. Finally, you can invest in apartments for families with long-term lease contracts. The best investment is the purchase of three-room properties in neighbourhoods undergoing major redevelopment projects, which will soon be attractive thanks to the offer of services for families, green areas and sustainable mobility. The suburban districts of large cities, where large urban reuse projects are underway, will perform an essential residential function, and the properties could undergo a critical revaluation.

Where to buy a property as an investment

A property is a fair investment also based on the city where it is located.

For example, buying a house in rich cities is still an excellent investment. Suffice it to say that in the last 20 years, the Milan real estate market has had an average revaluation of 102%.

Among the other cities where it is advisable to invest in brick and mortar are big cities, with an average of about 65-66% increase in valuation over the last 20 years.

When to buy a property that is right as an investment?

Today is the right time to buy a property. Prices are stable after the crisis in the sector, and if you have capital, it is better to invest in real estate. The moment is favourable also thanks to the tax breaks for the home put in place by the Government.

But, above all, today is the time to invest because the real estate market is going through a very particular period:

  • The market offers excellent solutions even in large cities;
  • The demand for rentals in some areas of the country is very high;
  • Interest rates for buyers are still low.